DG Health

We specialize in strategic

healthcare marketing,

product innovation,

and patient engagement

What we believe

  • Insatiable curiosity leads us to discover unmet needs
  • gain insights about people and their behavior
  • understand people’s health as part of a dynamic system with many points of leverage
  • build experiences that truly engage
  • employ data to gain understanding of which and how interventions work

  • We create solutions with our partners that build value, shape markets, and serve people and society.

Who we connect with

  • People who are well

  • People who have health challenges

  • People who design and deliver health and wellness products and services

  • People who finance health and wellness companies

How we make an impact


Employing data analytics, customer insight and market place intelligence to shape strategy

Content and

Scientific writing

Stakeholder analysis

Positioning, messaging,
creating, and testing


Right media

Right channel

Right message

Right time






Patient/provider experience

Innovation in the medical and pharmacological fields is focused on science that improves patients’ physical health. However, effective patient experiences are also critical to treatment success.

Studies show patient experience is positively associated with clinical effectiveness and patient safety, making the somewhat obvious and indisputable case for patient experience a necessary component for quality healthcare.1

To date, patient experience is highly underserved. 

We believe that success in healthcare requires going beyond a trusted family doctor spending time with a patient or prescribing the newest treatment on the market. Success means offering patients information that is carefully crafted and delivered at times which are optimal for reception and comprehension. This results in patients who are active participants in their own care.

Engaged patients become educated patients—and patients that are both engaged and educated are far more likely to adhere to wellness plans. They stay on protocol, out of the hospital, and on formulary. Healthier individuals lead to healthier populations, and healthier populations reduce costs and burdens on our healthcare system.

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    BMJ Open https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/3/1/e001570.long Published January 2013. Accessed November 2020.