DG Health

We specialize in strategic

health care marketing

What we believe

  • Insatiable curiosity leads us to discover the unknown.
  • unmet needs.
  • insights about people.
  • how to build engagement.
  • how to achieve the dominant position.
  • discovering what’s next.

  • We create solutions with our partners that build value, shape the market, and serve people and society.

Who we connect with

  • People who are well

  • People who have health challenges

  • People who design and deliver health and wellness products and services

  • People who finance health and wellness companies

How we make an impact


Employing data analytics, customer insight and market place intelligence to shape strategy

Content and

Scientific writing

Stakeholder analysis

Positioning, message
creation, and testing


Right media

Right channel

Right message

Right time






Who we are

Nancye Green

Chief Strategist

Decades of experience orchestrating complex teams 
of generalists and experts to understand, shape and deliver solutions that are human centric and business savvy.

Heather Furman

Executive Creative Director

Offering nearly two decades of experience, an aptitude for deep knowledge and an ability to create solutions that are smart, unexpected and aesthetically sophisticated.

The Network

Our network of best-in-class creative and execution resources enables us to provide our clients with services spanning market research, content creation, production, physical and virtual development, back-end digital services, and more.