Empowering people to take control of their health Boston Heart Diagnostics

Boston Heart Diagnostics brand system

Boston Heart Diagnostics is a diagnostics lab that offers healthcare providers and their patients novel and proprietary testing, individualized reports, and integrated lifestyle programs. Through extensive research and clinical studies, they showed that standard lipid profiling did not adequately identify individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. They developed and made available advanced methodologies to identify individuals at risk and address this unmet medical need.

In order to effectively spread their message to the medical community and its patients, they needed a consistent and personalized brand that could speak to their purpose and goals and that would also drive internal alignment. The brand would establish Boston Heart as the scientific leader in cardiovascular diagnostics, one that offers integrated, turn-key solutions for healthcare providers. By using direct and simple language, bold and legible typography, and educational graphics, the energetic brand was designed to be straightforward, but positive, hopeful, trustworthy, approachable, and, above all, helpful

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Helping patients to understand their risk factors and engage in personal health initiatives

Diagnostic Report

Patients with cardiovascular disease often struggle to adhere to lifestyle changes because they do not understand their risks and they feel disassociated from their health. Informed and engaged patients can make better decisions about their health and, in the case of lifestyle changes, which we know are extremely effective at preventing and mediating cardiovascular disease, patients are more likely to adhere to these changes.

The Diagnostic Report, important for patient health insights, traditionally consisted of jargon only helpful to HCPs. It was redesigned to be a tool for the patients, completely personalized to give a clear understanding of their individual health risks. These documents, recognized for being innovative detailed a patient’s condition with intuitive graphics and simple language paired with a layperson’s explanation of the cardiovascular system and a description of the implications of these test findings on their health.

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Life Plan

Personalized plan cover
Evaluation and preferences
Plan tips and tricks
Nutrient breakdown and suggested foods

The Personalized Nutrition and Life Plan was a follow-up to the Diagnostic Report, which offered patients a detailed and personalized nutrition and exercise program, built from each patient’s test-results, medical history, and preferences. Plans included tools proven effective to reinforce lifestyle changes like journaling and coaching paired with supportive educational information.

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Patient Engagement

Fostering engagement in-order-to drive adherence was an ongoing mission of Boston Heart; education was always at the heart of these endeavors. Materials were designed and distributed to patients that offered explanation of expenses and billing, and real-life case studies of patient success stories which included test-results over a 9-month period. Educational materials written for patients explained cardiovascular disease simply, as well as the effects cholesterol, inflammation, metabolics, and genetics have on health. We also designed visually arresting posters for clinicians’ offices to further awareness and stimulate patient-initiated conversation around heart health.

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Partnering with and supporting doctors and care providers

Healthcare Provider brochure

Identifying and communicating with influencers is paramount in fostering patient adherence, and, for Boston Heart, the clinician is the first line of impact. The HCP brochure explained the company’s offering through patient case studies. Explanations were provided to explain each test and how they unveil the source of a patient’s condition so that doctors can treat more accurately and effectively.

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Test reference guide

Boston Hearts’ multi-parametric approach adds increased value to the patient/doctor interaction through the patient-centric reports that help clinicians more efficiently identify, treat, and manage patients. The Test Reference Guide, designed to fit within a doctor’s lab coat pocket, offers clinicians a quick-reference of all available tests, including details about what each test assesses, pertinent lab values, and treatment consideration.

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No one does what we do

Clinician Value brochure

Our communications were designed to be bold with direct and simple language, catered to HCPs and paired with self-informative, explanatory graphics. This helped illuminate the evidence-based, personalized approach of Boston Heart and how it would help clinicians create treatment plans for better results.

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Educational Materials

A number of additional materials were created to give further detail about the proprietary and novel testing options this diagnostics company utilized to create detailed models of their patient’s health.

Demonstrating strategic value to stakeholders and payers

Total Value Proposition

Total Value Proposition cover
Total Value Proposition full open
Total Value Proposition backside

When speaking to investors or payers, we used direct language and illustrative graphics to explain the value of the Boston Heart offering. The real challenge for care providers was managing patients’ care with limited touchpoints, so Boston Heart helped them extend their reach with accessible, individualized plans and materials, coupled with coaching support that patients could rely on.

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As a diagnostics lab, Boston Heart had a big job: to communicate its comprehensive offering to the larger healthcare and scientific community. Conference booths were designed to feature compelling graphics and statements to inspire inquiry and conversation.