Creating lifetime customers Automotive

Customer Lifecycles

Customer lifecycle journey

We move beyond the typically adversarial point-of-sale transaction and concentrate instead on strategies that create lasting relationships and build brand loyalty.

We evolve within a disruptive industry and build targeted customer retention strategies.


Actyemail: Lexus subscription examples

Through the utilization of emerging technologies, we built a robust customer-retention program that effectively targets the touchpoints of a buyer’s lifecycle.

Retention Emails

Mercedes-Benz retention email
Metro Lexus retention email
Toyota of Greensburg retention email
Toyota of Greensburg retention email


We acquire new customers and continually drive traffic.

Conquest Campaign

We build a brand-experience journey that deploys all media formats, particularly digital, to create sustainable brand value and deep customer loyalty strengthened through community events and outreach.


Dual Branding Lexus Campaign
Toyota Hispanic Outreach

We extend relationships through service.

Customer Service

We recognize that it’s during Service where the exchange between the customer and agent generates the greatest opportunity—through a process that is both transparent and data-driven—to build a meaningful and trusting relationship.