We identify, target, and satisfy an underserved demographic of over 150 million users Outer Places

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Outer Places is a digital media company leveraging deep storytelling that links science and science fiction with a unique, accessible voice to build a vast and loyal community.

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Our growth strategy is built around our analysis of demographic data, engagement styles, and online behavior patterns.

We built an authoritative, relevant, resilient social media presence.

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A post shared by Outer Places (@outerplaces) on

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Robust, mobile-first content integrating video, editorial, and infographic elements in a dynamic, trusted voice is the key to reaching a technically-savvy millennial audience. Deploying unconventional strategies allows us to leverage algorithmic changes in social media to maximize our reach and engagement.

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Habitable Planets
Infinity Stones

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We created a revenue-generating experience that acquired, engaged, and retained new audiences.


Supply Pod

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By partnering with various integral media companies and producing the SupplyPod subscription box, we leveraged topical sci-fi happenings as a segue to STEM and educational activities.


Omega x NASA video
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We activate awareness and increase brand loyalty.

Outer Places Games

UFO games
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We generate novel experiences that build visibility, credibility, brand recognition, and fan-following of our hyper-loyal science and sci-fi audience with online environments designed to optimize exploration and engagement rather than passive entertainment.

Social Media

We surpass traditional media by creating opportunities for
face-to-face engagement between audiences and experts.


We host and participate in conferences, assembling panels of experts ranging from NASA astronauts to best-selling authors.